Kwirkly, A Quirky Online Ad Agency, Launches In Lagos

Some folks are definitely fed up with the order of things in the advertising business- folks such as the intrepid young men at Kwirkly. On Wednesday last week, the company, which will be the first ad agency in Nigeria to be 100% based on the Web, officially opened for business.

But being fully domiciled on the Net is not the only “strange” thing about; its preferred client is the little man, the scrounging startup, the small business. And if you’re wondering how this upstart of an agency will turn a profit by settling for this section of the market, their answer is that the little guy needs a champion, too.

” We saw an opportunity to target a market unattended to. And the inspiration comes from several factors that support the importance of small businesses, one of which is how they help an economy, in no small way. And also that from a creative standpoint, we can serve as a catalyst for empowering the growth of the businesses,” says Chris Ogunlowo,┬áPrincipal Partner at Kwirkly.

More questions remain for Kwirkly, though: how will it fit into (Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria) APCON’s standard regulations? Wil AAAN (Association of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria) accept it as a member? Will it indeed be profitable in the long term? We’ll certainly be keeping an eye on this one. 

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